Wall lights

When it comes to Interior Design, one of the key areas that always completes a room or changes the way a room may feel, is the lighting. It is so important to consider this early on in the design process as it can be difficult and costly to change at a later date.

We work on a number of properties that may have restrictions to what we are able to alter with regards to the ceiling lighting, therefore we look to other forms of lighting, in this case, wall lights to create dramatic alcoves, highlight artwork, add some interest to the walls or fulfil our ambient lighting requirements.

Wall lights do not have to be the simple semi circular up-lighters painted out with the wall colour or just kept plaster white, which we have seen so many times before. There are lots of interesting alternatives on the market which give us the opportunity to be a little more considered and creative.

Here are a few of our favourites to tempt you to look at something different for your walls.

Top 5 at Decorex 2017

There were a lot of interesting new products, fabrics and finishes shown at this year's Decorex in Syon Park, London. In no particular order, here are our Top 5 from the show.

Faolchú - Tasgal tall stool.


This was a stunning item of furniture, a piece of quality craftsmanship with a modern edge. We particularly liked the consideration of the metal strip on the foot rest to prevent the timber from getting worn over time.

Giopato and Coombes - Bolle chandelier.


There were a couple of things that attracted us to this piece. We thought the overall shape was stunning and we especially liked that there were no visible lamps. This deliberate design decision allows the viewer to appreciate the simplicity of the form as well as the lovely glow achieved by the lamps within the glass bubbles.

Earthed - Faded Grandeur.


It was lovely to see some printed fabric which looked like something we hadn't seen before. The textural, beaten appearance of the Faded Grandeur really appealed to us. The colourway Sperrin Jewel caught our eye, with its golds and garnet making it stand out as something a little bit special.

Naomi Paul - Cave Wall.


Naomi's crochet shades were not only attractive and tactile but provided a beautiful glow when illuminated. The wall light we thought was particularly special - the combination of the waxed brass arm and hand crafted shade, gave it a modern retro feel.

Fenella Elms - Porcelain artwork.


From a distance we initially thought that this was a textile piece but as we got closer we noticed that this work was made from tiny petals of porcelain. The forms created have so much movement and intrigue they become quite irresistible and hard to take your eyes off.


Trend - Alabaster

From our recent visit to Decorex 2017, looking through periodicals and visiting various social media pages, we have seen that there has been a real surge of interest in using Alabaster.

I hadn't really thought of using Alabaster in any of our projects before, as I felt that it had always been used in quite traditional or kitsch applications which had put me off even considering it as beautiful. I am pleased to say my opinion has changed.

One company that has been working in Alabaster since 2005 and produced stunning, tactile pieces are Atelier Alain Ellouz. Whether it be their machine manufactured designs, such as Prague or their hand carved jewels, Galet, they have captured the beauty of the stone into works of art.

Prague pendant light by Atelier Alain Ellouz

Prague pendant light by Atelier Alain Ellouz

Another company that has embraced this natural material is Heathfield. Rather than using Alabaster for it's transparency to illuminate they have produce a range of table lamp bases that show off its depth of colour and multi layering within the stone.

Azalia table lamp by Heathfield & Co

Azalia table lamp by Heathfield & Co

CTO LIghting have also embraced this trend with some of their new additions to their range. We particular like the Lucid 200 Pendant which has a modern feel with a Deco edge.

Lucid 200 Pendant by CTO Lighting

Lucid 200 Pendant by CTO Lighting