Top 5 at Decorex 2017

There were a lot of interesting new products, fabrics and finishes shown at this year's Decorex in Syon Park, London. In no particular order, here are our Top 5 from the show.

Faolchú - Tasgal tall stool.


This was a stunning item of furniture, a piece of quality craftsmanship with a modern edge. We particularly liked the consideration of the metal strip on the foot rest to prevent the timber from getting worn over time.

Giopato and Coombes - Bolle chandelier.


There were a couple of things that attracted us to this piece. We thought the overall shape was stunning and we especially liked that there were no visible lamps. This deliberate design decision allows the viewer to appreciate the simplicity of the form as well as the lovely glow achieved by the lamps within the glass bubbles.

Earthed - Faded Grandeur.


It was lovely to see some printed fabric which looked like something we hadn't seen before. The textural, beaten appearance of the Faded Grandeur really appealed to us. The colourway Sperrin Jewel caught our eye, with its golds and garnet making it stand out as something a little bit special.

Naomi Paul - Cave Wall.


Naomi's crochet shades were not only attractive and tactile but provided a beautiful glow when illuminated. The wall light we thought was particularly special - the combination of the waxed brass arm and hand crafted shade, gave it a modern retro feel.

Fenella Elms - Porcelain artwork.


From a distance we initially thought that this was a textile piece but as we got closer we noticed that this work was made from tiny petals of porcelain. The forms created have so much movement and intrigue they become quite irresistible and hard to take your eyes off.