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Wall lights

When it comes to Interior Design, one of the key areas that always completes a room or changes the way a room may feel, is the lighting. It is so important to consider this early on in the design process as it can be difficult and costly to change at a later date.

We work on a number of properties that may have restrictions to what we are able to alter with regards to the ceiling lighting, therefore we look to other forms of lighting, in this case, wall lights to create dramatic alcoves, highlight artwork, add some interest to the walls or fulfil our ambient lighting requirements.

Wall lights do not have to be the simple semi circular up-lighters painted out with the wall colour or just kept plaster white, which we have seen so many times before. There are lots of interesting alternatives on the market which give us the opportunity to be a little more considered and creative.

Here are a few of our favourites to tempt you to look at something different for your walls.

Inspiration - Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and here in the office we are feeling the love. With every shop window boasting red roses, pink hearts and the like we felt it only fitting to embrace the theme.

Pink has certainly been on the scene in the world of interiors and fashion for several years now since Pantone announced Rose Quartz as it’s colour of the year back in 2016 shortly followed by the arrival of Millenial pink. Despite it’s popularity on social media, some still avoid it in the home or limit its use to girl’s bedrooms or the nursery. However, pink can look very sophisticated when paired navy blue and a pop of mustard. It’s a great accent colour against a monochromatic scheme of soft greys, which lends itself particularly well to the Scandi trend. For perfect contrast offset it with sage green. Often it is believed that pink and red are a clash but in fact a poppy red with pale pink can look stunning too.

If we’ve convinced you to give pink a go but you don’t feel brave enough dive straight in with wall-to-wall colour or a large piece of furniture try introducing a few blush accessories for an instant update. Fortunately, the high street offers a lot to choose from at the moment. Here are a few of our favourite pink picks…

Where to Start

People often say that they haven’t a clue where to start when it comes to decorating a room. A really good tip is start with a piece of artwork that you love. After all, if you like it enough to hang it on your wall then you should like the colours in your décor. And if you don’t feel confident putting colours together you can be confident that the palette will work because the artist had been through the thought process for you. Take time to really study the piece and pick out the colours carefully. Next, decide in what proportions you are going to use each colour. From there you can accurately match any fabrics and finishes to produce your scheme.

You might be surprised to learn that I myself have been procrastinating with a decorating project in my own home for some time now and by some time I mean years. It’s a complete cliché but my husband and I undertook a whole house renovation project and aimed to be in for Christmas. This also coincided with the imminent birth of our first child who was due in January. In an effort to make some quick decisions on paint colours and carpets I opted for warm, neutral tones in our bedroom. My daughter is now six years old and I have been living with this inoffensive, but frankly very dull room ever since. I bought a couple of cushions, which were supposed to be my starting point for finishing off the room but it never quite happened. Being an Interior Designer, the problem wasn’t a lack of confidence but rather a lack of focus. When you are both Designer and Client it is all too easy to keep changing the brief, but the focus I needed finally came in the form of a painting.

Our office is situated in the lovely Montpellier area of Cheltenham and we are lucky enough to share the building with local artist, Rebecca Morris. Rebecca paints beautifully atmospheric, abstract pieces inspired by landscapes and skies. She was busy working on her latest collection when I spotted it - a gorgeous painting in rich inky blues with just the merest hint of neon pink. I instantly loved it and as fate would have it, it was the perfect size. I bought it and hung it on my bedroom wall. From there building the scheme was easy, a new rug has been installed, the blanket box is in order and cushions are on the way. After years of inactivity this happened in a matter of weeks – all I needed was the inspiration.

Of course, if you're still not convinced there is no need to worry, just pick up the phone and call us, we'd be very happy to help.

A selection of Rebecca's work is currently on display in the gallery at Burford Garden Centre.

Trend - Faux Flowers

I love flowers and fauna and what they can bring to an interior can make such a difference, but I'm not green fingered and on the whole most cut flower arrangements last 7 days tops, I've lost count of the number of orchids I've been given and killed after they've finished flowering.  This is why I am obsessing over the fantastic and unusual arrangements that can be achieved with faux flowers.

There are so many blooms out there to choose from and as with fresh flowers they do vary in price depending on size and quality. A florist can create displays for you, drawing on their expertise and experience, We recently worked with local florist Eleanor from The Big Bloom Room, to create some fabulous floral displays to add the finishing touches to our client's home.

Faux flower arrangement in Entrance Hall
Faux flower arrangement in Dining room

Alternatively you can achieve your own creations with a few stems from a high street store.

Here are a few of our favourites...

Abigail Ahern  - £81.00 - The Asprington

Abigail Ahern - £81.00 - The Asprington

OKA  - £59.00 - The Batsford Lilac Bunch

OKA - £59.00 - The Batsford Lilac Bunch

Cox and Cox  - £35.00 - Three Faux Vintage Blush Hydrangeas

Cox and Cox - £35.00 - Three Faux Vintage Blush Hydrangeas

M&S  - £49.50 - Large Green Stem Arrangement

M&S - £49.50 - Large Green Stem Arrangement

Neptune  - £19 - Apple Blossom Stem

Neptune - £19 - Apple Blossom Stem