Digital printing

Muraspec Update

We recently had a visit from Muraspec and we are feeling inspired! Their new digital range of wall coverings are brilliant. When budget is limited these clever designs can deliver the same look as some traditionally expensive finishes at a fraction of the cost. They can also be used where the substrate might not be suitable for the application of a natural product, due to weight for example. 

The timber and brick effects are so realistic that you could easily be fooled into thinking that you are looking at the real thing. Some of the graphic prints would be great fun in a kids bedroom or playroom and being scrubbable and hard wearing, they would be ideal for this application. For instant impact, some of the abstract designs are so gorgeous they could be made up on panels for a cost effective alternative to art canvases. The range is extensive too from beautiful ombré effects to striking geometrics and warm timbers to industrial metal tiles. Here are a few of our favourites…



Images courtesy of Muraspec.